Oooh: Yes I’m a bit of a design geek.

TotD: (A new thing I’m going to try, called Topic of the Day) Yang’s Blog on the De Stijl

While on break between classes, I stumbled upon (not the actual program, but in reality – Thank you Google!) another design student’s blog. What got me to go there? Something for research involving one of my classes (De Stijl), but for what will I go back? <– Therein lies the question I’m sure many bloggers themselves often ask about their own readers and blog topics.

Well, in my opinion, I look for articles that are:






On that note, I would like to make a great call-out to Yang from I loved the piece you did about De Stijl, Rietveld, and, naturally, the Schroeder Huis in Utrecht, The Netherlands. As a design student, I know how much work it takes to research, develop CAD drawings, build accurate models, create digital models and render beautiful drawings. I commend you, Yang, and also want to say thank you, for consolidating it into one great post. I’d also like to add for anyone interested (umm….yes I was and I guess this is the geeky part) you can download Yang’s drawing file with floorplans, elevations, sections, and axonometrics.

If you’re wondering what one could ever want these for…well, I guess you just have to be a bit of a history and design addict to understand.

Yes – I downloaded it…it was my guilty pleasure for the day!


Interesting Find: The Roland Collection of Films on Arts

Really cool, and AWESOME videos for students or professionals to check out, especially if interested in Design, Architecture, ART in general.

History of Design III today with Loucinda (my instructor) was really interesting, we are starting with De Stijl and early modernists. Commercial Design is already going well, studying the history of office design, and developing a design of our own.

Personal note: I’m going to start my own version of a “to-do-before-death” list, more a “travel here, see this before I die” list. First entry: The Rietveld-Schroeder Huis (house) in Utrecht, The Netherlands. More to come. A LOT MORE TO COME.


Just passing some time 4.7.10

Sitting at Bedlam Coffee in Belltown – I like. Great music and Nutella Mochas. Waiting to meet Jenn and Sam for my internship this week. It’s amazing. I just really wanted to tell everyone that. Bemis is going really well. I’m so glad that I have this incredible opportunity to be a part of establishing it. I love that it was just something I happened upon, and can make time for an extracurricular internship. Meeting and interviewing all of these incredible people makes me feel more insignificant but involved and excited and talented all at once. I love it. Well, back to real work.

P.S. I got Chris to join Twitter – FINALLY! It’s such a great way to network with other designers and people, in general. Mine = @KadenceESeattle, Chris = @ChrisLyleDesign

P.P.S. Bemis is there too = @BemisArt. PLUS – my personal art project, the KL Project = @Letartin! Follow all of us!

Daytrip to Columbia River Gorge 3.30-3.31.2010

Chris and I went to Maryhill, WA after his taking a Math course this quarter, and the instructor recommending it. We spent the last few days traveling from Seattle all the way to Lyle, WA, then Maryhill, WA today, and across to Oregon, back west to Portland, and then back to Seattle. It was quite an intense drive on the way home – TONS of sleet! Anyway, it was definitely a GREAT way to relax before the start of the Spring Quarter, Tuesday for me: Commercial Design, Professional Practices & Career Development, History of Design III, and Argumentation & Debate.

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