Earth Day Tribute

Today, was Earth Day 2011. I had to work all day at my part-time job, so I want to at least leave you all asking yourselves some questions about what WE can do to help the Earth.

I’ve posted a few interesting links (care of Mother Nature Network) here:

Earth Day turns 40 – a great animated video about the last 40 years of Earth Days,

15 Most Toxic Places to Live – this will make you thankful if you DON’T live in these places but also sad and frustrated that they exist,

and, boatloads more on their community site!

Being a Greenie, myself, I think we should all try and understand what kind of an impact we have on our planet. Right now, for example, there are no lights on in my apartment. 🙂 I’m still striving to live up to my New Year’s Resolution about only eating locally and organically – which is decidedly difficult on a college student budget. BUT – NOT IMPOSSIBLE! Also, I’m trying to eat less meat, which is probably one of the easiest yet most impacting change that one can make for the Earth. Just for kicks, all those interested should also consider supporting Green Genius and they’re INCREDIBLE biodegradable trash bags!


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