Oooh: Yes I’m a bit of a design geek.

TotD: (A new thing I’m going to try, called Topic of the Day) Yang’s Blog on the De Stijl

While on break between classes, I stumbled upon (not the actual program, but in reality – Thank you Google!) another design student’s blog. What got me to go there? Something for research involving one of my classes (De Stijl), but for what will I go back? <– Therein lies the question I’m sure many bloggers themselves often ask about their own readers and blog topics.

Well, in my opinion, I look for articles that are:






On that note, I would like to make a great call-out to Yang from I loved the piece you did about De Stijl, Rietveld, and, naturally, the Schroeder Huis in Utrecht, The Netherlands. As a design student, I know how much work it takes to research, develop CAD drawings, build accurate models, create digital models and render beautiful drawings. I commend you, Yang, and also want to say thank you, for consolidating it into one great post. I’d also like to add for anyone interested (umm….yes I was and I guess this is the geeky part) you can download Yang’s drawing file with floorplans, elevations, sections, and axonometrics.

If you’re wondering what one could ever want these for…well, I guess you just have to be a bit of a history and design addict to understand.

Yes – I downloaded it…it was my guilty pleasure for the day!


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